Episode 129 – Borrowing From The Next Several Years Already

In Episode 129, Greg and Pam discuss hot dogs, pizza, and cheese.

Many thanks to MaryBeth and Helen of the Crafty Toads podcast and Toad Hollow for the episode introduction!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 129 – Borrowing From The Next Several Years Already

  1. Talena Winters says:

    Hey! I just recently started listening to your podcast and I really enjoy it. That Frog is amazing! Wanted to mention that at about the 1hr 2 min mark of this episode, there is about 30 seconds of what sounds like a screen reader bombing over the recording reading a pattern, which is slightly amusing, but I thought I would let you know in case it was a tech issue that might recur.

    No hoop cheese here in Northern Alberta. But we do love other kinds of cheese.

    1. greg says:

      Hi, Talena! We’re glad you found the podcast and are enjoying it. Thanks for the kind words about Frog. Enjoy your Northern Alberta cheese, even if it isn’t hoop cheese!

      1. Talena Winters says:

        Lol, thanks. (I also realized later I was listening at 1.4x speed, so that time marker is about 40% short of the actual place of the glitch. Oops.)


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