Episode 136 – Time Is An Arbitrary Construct

In Episode 136, Greg and Pam discuss celebrities, phones, and time.

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  • Pam and Greg reviewed embroidery kits from mcreativej, which we both loved. Listen to the podcast for a full review. MCreativeJ is active on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.
  • .We mentioned Our State magazine.
  • The government stole an hour from us as we entered Daylight Saving Time. Check out “Save Standard Time” for a chart that shows how important it is to stay on Standard Time to maximize healthy morning sun.
  • We talked about the depth cowl, which incorporates planned pooling using The Fiber Seed Sprout Worsted yarn.
  • We talked about a school project that involves a phone number you can call to hear a pre-recorded pep talk from school children. The number is 707-998-8410.
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