Episode 21: Cravats, Hats, and Cats

In Episode 21, Greg and Joey talk about cravats, hats, and cats.


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  • Projects
    • Joey continues to work on a scarf for his son. He realized that the 1-year anniversary of starting this project is approaching and is targeting to finish the scarf by then.
    • Joey knitted a PussyHat for a friend who is attending the Women’s March on Washington on January 21. See the PussyHat Project website for more information about this project.
    • Greg finished a pair of Zigzagular Socks for his mom (project page). He used HauteKnitYarn and his mom loves them.
    • Greg finished the Voss Cowl (project page). He loves how the colorwork came out, but can definitely improve on his grafting technique.
    • Greg is working on his Halcyarn Socks (project page). First sock is complete, and he’s about 25% done with the leg of the second sock. He loves the contrasting cuffs, toes, and heels in black, but he hates weaving in the ends with black yarn. Yarn is custom-dyed by Dr. Kelly from the Ewe University podcast.
    • Greg has converted his imaginary knitting to real-life knitting: the Sun Blossoms Cowl (project page) with amazing alpaca yarn from Fair Winds Farm.
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    • Knitcrate (affiliate link) — Use code KD20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first order. We followed-up on our Knitcrate review from the last episode.
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  • Misc
    • GitHub, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino — components of Joey’s tech-related goal for 2017.
    • DuoLingo — a free language learning tool. We’ve created an “Unraveling Spanish” club. We think you can join the club no matter which language you are studying, not just Spanish. Use code 3RDBNA to join.
    • La La Land — Joey loves this movie.

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