Episode 112 – Twisting The Knife In The Very Nicest Way Possible

In Episode 112, Greg and Pam discuss planning ahead, long memories, and Pam’s personal yarn service.

Many thanks to scitchr Diane for the intro!


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  • Some of our community members started a disorganized KAL for making sweaters/tops/vests… any kind of torso garment. There is some great discussion in the Ravelry thread! We gave away a prize to people commenting in the thread….
  • Fairs and Festivals are opening up again! We are having a loosely organized Fairs & Festivals KAL this year and you can find details in this thread. Pam mentioned an article ion the local news channel about the NC State Fair adding additional competition categories.
  • We are partnering with Hat Not Hate for a back-to-school giveaway and to raise awareness about bullying prevention. More info to come in a future episode!

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